One Piece: Luffy's Most Powerful Forms, According to The Manga From Gear 2, 3, and 4 to lớn Nightmare Luffy, discover the most formidable forms Luffy assumes in the mega-popular manga series One Piece.

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Luffy's Boundman & Snakeman forms in One Piece
Over the span of more than 1,000 chapters of the popular manga series One Piece, protagonist Monkey D. Luffy evolved several times in order to bolster his strength. Thanks to his chất lượng Devil Fruit and various power-ups over the years, Luffy has assumed several physical forms to battle his foes at different points.

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Luffy"s various forms tend to lớn be codified by Gears, which increase over time khổng lồ grant the young pirate additional powers to take on some of the mightiest villains on land & the high seas. Those in need of a refresher on Luffy"s most formidable forms will find all of his badass versions here.

Luffy activates Gear 2 in One Piece
Introduced in Chapter 387, Gear 2 (called Gear Second in the anime) is actually the first Gear Luffy obtained in One Piece. He used the technique after fighting Aokiji and realized he wasn"t strong enough lớn last in tougher battles. After losing lớn CP9 & seeing them use the Soru technique, Luffy developed the Gear.

The Gear 2 technique involves Luffy increasing the blood flow in parts of his toàn thân to increase his speed và strength & releasing excess energy through perspiration.

Gear 2: Red Hawk

Luffy's Red Hawk fist in One Piece
In Chapter 644, Luffy uses a badass attack called Gomi Gomi no Red Hawk, a Haki upgraded version of the Gomu Gomu Jet Bullet technique. While using Gear 2, Luffy activates the Red Hawk attack và transforms him into an even more powerful fighter.

In addition to lớn being an homage to Luffy"s fallen brother Ace"s Hiken, the Red Hawk Gear 2 khung makes Luffy so formidable that the powerful villain Kaidou opted lớn dodge the attack during the Wano Arc rather than take it on directly. At its most powerful, Luffy"s arm turns into a jetstream of flames that can be used underwater.

Gear 3

Introduced in Chapter 403, Gear 3 is a technique in which Luffy increases his kích thước and stature by blowing air into his thumb and inflating the bones in his toàn thân considerably. It may seem silly enough, but the massive balloon effect gives Luffy a significant form size advantage that is hard khổng lồ combat.

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With the massive upsizing comes a major increase in the sheer brute force of each blow Luffy delivers. After the time skip, Luffy can wield all of the inherent powers of Gear 3 without being depleted. Of course, the bigger Luffy becomes, the less điện thoại he is, which makes him an easier target. Still, thanks lớn Gear 3, Luffy was able to lớn make short work of Rob Lucci.

Nightmare Luffy

Nightmare Luffy flexes in One Piece
Introduced in Chapter 476, Nightmare Luffy is a temporary transformation the protagonist underwent after consuming 100 shadows from the Rolling Pirates at Thriller Bark. In taking on Moria và the Oars, Nightmare Luffy turns into an incredible hulking blue mass that makes him even comment on how powerful he feels.

After destroying the forest in his new form, Nightmare Luffy continues khổng lồ grow và stretch into a gargantuan shadow that easily defeats the Oars thanks khổng lồ the powerful Gomu Gomu no Bazooka technique. Alas, this was the last time Luffy assumed his ultra-powerful Nightmare form. Hopefully this storyline from the manga will be expanded in the One Piece Netflix show.

Gear 4: Tankman

Introduced in Chapter 843, Luffy"s almighty Gear 4 forms come in various iterations in the manga. In terms of powers, Tankman is the first level of Luffy"s Gear 4 form. Similar to lớn Gear 3, Luffy inflates his muscles rather than his bones, which may hurt his durability but definitely emboldens his superhuman strength.

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As Tankman, Luffy literally morphs into an impenetrable tanklike superstructure that is nearly impossible lớn defeat. Just ask Charlotte Cracker, who Luffy took down in a single shot thanks to lớn the number of cookies he ate in his Tankman form. Also known as Luffy"s "Manpuku Version," Luffy unfortunately never assumed the size again.

Gear 4: Snakeman

Introduced in Chapter 894, Luffy"s serpentine Gear 4 Snakeman form is among his most powerful transformations of all. As vicious as it sounds, Snakeman doesn"t expand or stretch as much as Luffy"s other forms but instead turns Luffy"s hair into an incendiary substance that delivers considerable damage to any toàn thân part. The khung also includes Python mode, which allows Luffy swiftly alter the direction of his attacks.

By using the Armament Haki, Luffy"s Snakeman form increases his tốc độ significantly while keeping his toàn thân slender lớn avoid direct hits. Arguably Luffy"s fastest form, the pirate used his Snakeman visage lớn outrace Charlotte Katakuri và defeat her in the nick of time.

Introduced in Chapter 784, Luffy"s Gear 4 Boundman (AKA Bounceman) khung is his most powerful in the One Piece manga. Despite being his first Gear 4 morph, it"s the mightiest due khổng lồ the way it seemingly combines the principles of the Soru technique with those of Rokushiki & Geppo. Luffy"s rubbery elasticity allows him khổng lồ inflate his muscles, tỷ lệ thoát up & down in the air, using speed on the ground, and the ability to ricochet attacks with ease. It"s the rubber versus glue effect.

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Luffy not only increases in form size considerably, overpowering much slighter foes effortlessly, but the King Organ & King Kong Gun techniques he can use in the Bounceman form instantly puts him atop the food chain. The combination of speed, size, & powerful attacks is simply too much to khuyễn mãi giảm giá with for most opponents.